Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Water is the primary essential for life and in recent days it is highly polluted, to stop water pollution, we are providing efficient treatment plants to treat wastewater and sewage. Our wastewater treatment plant removes impurities and hazardous particles from the wastewater before it reaches the natural water bodies like ocean, lake, river or more. All the products that we offer are affordable and designed in line with the customer’s interest.

Progressive Aeration with Bio-Reactor

Baffle / isolated Aeration tanks for stage wise treatment.

Removal of minimum 60% of BOD loads in each stage.

Uses state-of-the-art sludge free technology.

Uses very less footprint area, and saves up to 50% of electric consumption.

Uses cylindrical shaped PE carrier in reactors to support bio film growth.

Biomass grows primarily on protected surface on the inside of the carriers. Air agitation or mixers are used to continuously circulate carriers.

Perforated core inside the reactor keeps bio film carrier inside the tank.

SEPROB technology saves about 80% of construction cost for STP systems

Treated water is of two times better quality than of any modern STPs.

Power consumption is less than 50% of any conventional STP technology.

STP Blowers can run only for 16 hours (2 x 8 hours ) per day.

Uses latest Bio-Enzyme technology for sludge less treatment.

Can be commissioned within 45 days from the date of ordering.

No problems with odors, snails or red-worms as in air phase fixed films.

Non clogging design, Smaller Foot prints, operates at varying influent load & can easily be retrofitted.

Is a progressive system and bio film thickness is maintained by the aeration-mixing process.

Process Flow of SEPROB Reactor

Design Of Aeration Tank Using Enzobac


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